Hugo Zubler Switzerland


Reliorame - the world´s most beautiful forms in your hand

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Relive your memoriss, share them with friends: yourReliorama will help you do it. Yet Reliorama is much more than just a remembrance. Turn it, let the light change its appearance, take your eyes on a walk to explore the extra ordinary shapes and forms from every angle.
The delicate and precise relief structure allows awareness of the smallest detail of the play of light and shade because behind each Reliorama there are months of loving mini ature craftsmanship in the traditon of SWISS precision.
On the one hand this model is a true representation, on the other it is much more than that: the shaping of the form as a gradated relief lends the Reliorama a life of its own and makes it into a truly valuable treasure

Scale 1:75000 (1 cm = 750 m, 1 contour line = 20 m)