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The highest points in Germany:
the mountain Zugspitze

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At the southern end of Germany, the landscape is domi-
nated by three imposing mountain ridges. To the north,
the Waxsteinkamm and the Blassenkamm frame the
Höllental valley, to the south the Wetterstein mountains
tower into the sky at the end of the Reintal valley. The
Zugspitze, the crowning pinnacle of the tree ridges,
rises to an altitude of 2962 metres, the highest point in
Germany. The Zugspitze peak is only 38 met res off the

3000 metre mark, and geologists tell us that it will make
up these missing metres in the next couple of million

The first human being to look down on Germany and
Austria trom this peak was the 27-year-old «Tyrolese
Bavarian», Josef Naus, who climbed the Zug spitze for
the first time on August 27th 1820.
Nowadays, we do not have to be mountaineers to enjoy
this stupendous view - one of the finest in the whole of
the European alpine world. There are several railways
which take us in comfort onto the Zugspitze, and in win-
ter the Zugspitzplatt and the neighbouring Alpspitz are
easily accessible for skiing enthusiasts of all kinds.
Despite the ease with which these huge mountains can
now be reached, there are still innumerable areas

where you can be alone with nature, on climbing tours
among might precipices, mountain ledges and screes,
or hikes through barren land and deep, lushly vegetated

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